11 Oct 2015

Etu at AWC 2015 Bologna, Italy

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Etu made me really proud this weekend! may be my almost three weeks off agility made its effect or i was simply thrilled by AWC feeling, but i felt to be really motivated this year, that motivation that i missed so much the last 1-2 year. Etu was so fantastic at AWC, I always knew she is really sensitive on my emotions, but finally after all my troubles moving to Portugal I felt so much motivated, I just wanted to show how amazing she is… And she was giving all her heart since I gave mine too, it was such a great feeling and especially all this at a world champs! 🙂 I am still full of all those feelings and emotions… Thank you Etu, thank you for trusting me so much that you can overcome all your fears, thank you for being the best teammate ever!!!
Although she started a bit slow on the first day in Team jumping, not really pushing and Being really unsecure to leave me… The next day i decided to give it all and dont give up whatever happens and she surprised me with two amazing runs: a bit unlucky one bar run in individual jumping with Great time (would have been 6th place) and a super clean team agility run where she had 6th place on the individual list (not bad for my 8,5 years old Lady with 2o2o on the dogwalk).
Unfortunately we didnt survive Sascha’s “killer course” today, but again she showed her spirit and we had some really nice parts only one jump taken from the wrong side! 🙂
Thank you so much Etu for this great experience and showing you are Still so strong! :):):):)
Great grass, great courses with correct judgement and nice athmosphere! A bit said we could never see the total results during the runs, so it lost a bit from its athmosphere, but so many great runs compensated it! 😀 Courses were just fantastic: nice, fluent, fast and technical, nice to run and to watch, just the way i like it! 😉 thank you Sascha Grunder and Sandra Deidda, you put the level really high for all the future AWC judges!!!! 🙂 Especially also with your brave decision about using middle heights instead of maximum heights first time in the history of AWCs!
Thank you Sofia Nolasco Narciso for the video, and last but not least thank you my love for being who you are in my life and always there for me, for us! :)))
Congratulations to all winners and also to all Who had those thrilling “Almost runs”! see you all next year in Zaragoza! 🙂

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