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Start training online with four easy steps:

1. Sign-up

Sign up for the course that best suits your level of experience and receive early advice and exercises to start training.

2. Exercise

Record the exercises and send the files to a shared folder in your reserved area.

3. Review

The instructor reviews the training and prepares custom videos and advice for improvement.

4. Classroom

Online chat to share experience and correct all the necessary movements.



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Zsuzsa Veres

Agility Professional and Instructor
Zsuzsa Veres is a Hungarian vet, veterinary chiropractor and agility…
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THE START – online interactive puppy diaries

InstructorZsuzsa Veres
TypeOnline Course
DateMay 17, 2021 - Oct 17, 2021
Student Enrolled10

Running contacts intermediate & A-frame – participant

InstructorZsuzsa Veres
TypeOnline Course
Student Enrolled12
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Running contacts intermediate & A-frame – auditor

InstructorZsuzsa Veres
TypeOnline Course
Student Enrolled1
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Running Contacts Foundation Class – Participant

InstructorZsuzsa Veres
TypeOnsite Course
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