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Teaching RC live and online all over the world since about 10 years taught me a lot how to adapt the best to each and every dog, and how to be effective with lower number of repetations. I have been working with lot of different breeds over the last 17 years training RC (Pyrshep, Croatian Sheepdog, Mudi, Malinois, Border collie, Sheltie, Working cocker, Mix breeds, etc.).
This RENEWED class is providing you with tons of tips so you can help your best friend the easiest way through the amazing journey of running contacts!

The class takes place in a facebook group!

by E-mail:
or by FB:

This course will guide you through all the basics steps (including rewarding/motivation tips, body awareness exercises, target training on flat and work on low plank – with different exits) for FAST and RELIABLE running contacts! You will get PERSONALISED feedback on all your edited videos through a facebook group.

The class is suitable to any DOGS OVER 6 MONTHS of age, also for adult dogs that needs to revisit foundations or retrain RC from 2o2o.

Participants can post UNLIMITED number of VIDEOS and get unlimited FEEDBACK!


Toys, soft treats, clicker, target, plank (ideally same size as one part of the dogwalk, but might be shorter), enough room (cc. 20 m) and some free time to edit videos! 😉 Treat machine is recommended, but not a must!

Your training videos are asked back as a non-listed video uploaded to YouTube or any other video sites. The videos should be edited into maximum of 4 minutes in length, but there is no limit on number of the videos!


  • 16 weeks (starts on 4th of April (Monday) 2022 – ends on 24th July 2022) of FEEDBACK
  • if by any chance I would be away those days will be added as extra at the end


  • 12 lessons in 12 weeks, plus extra 4 weeks of feedback to catch up with all
  • 4 new lessons posted every 4 weeks (so you can go with your own pace)
  • online classroom with the opportunity to share your videos and get feedback before your next session (guaranteed feedback in 24 h on weekdays)


1) motivation, rewarding, rewarding system (1 lesson)
Tips and ideas how to motivate and reward your dog the best and most effective way! Extra tips on introducing treat machine, or how to replace it.

2) movement form, importance of muscle memory (EXTRA lesson!)
Explanation on what we want to see, how to train your eyes to see it better, reward and react fast and the importance of muscle memory.

3) body awareness (2 lessons)
11 body awareness exercises that will help your dog get much more aware of there body and rear feets… which will facilitate your target/RC training later on and make it much more effective… leading to much less repetations, much less load on your dogs body!

4) target training on flat (5 lessons)
Building drive, focus and indenpence for the target, no matter where you are. Working with different rewards, different lines/angles, different handler positions and movement.

5) introducing low plank (4 lessons)
Transferring flat target work to a low plank, working on different exits, building deeper understanding and muscle memory.


For participants (with dog): 195 euros

For auditors/second dog/repeaters: 125 euros

STUDENTS FROM PREVIOUS CLASSES (yet teaching with slightly different structure)

“Zsuzsa Veres was an honor learn from you, I enjoy your technics and put this in practice, I am happy for the process that we live in the course along with Smart, you are a great master. Your commitment with each student was the most important thing in the course, personally it was what i liked most, this types of things allowed a better process because each one of the lessons were very clear.

Wilson Villalobos, Columbia


And it was a day, we decided to learn the Running Contacts, and it was a day that we signed up in your online course.
They were days, after days of practice, of disappointments, I go home sad because I did not do well, but got your corrections and began the days of joy.
I had other sad days, but came corrections and solutions again and so were progress, until one day, Tayler, my puppy, began to understand everything, to give me satisfaction, taking the Contact Running as a game, something he enjoys doing.
Zsuzsa Veres, thanks for your quick responses to each of my doubts, to make your students feel that you really have us in mind that you want us to we progress.
Thank you!”

Sergio Daniel Campillay, Argentina

“Well, it’s finally here! Our graduation video! We started as a trouble team. I was frustated with my privious atempt to teach him RC and he was a young dog who lost his confidence and got confused in that process. 5 months later, we have bulit knowlegde and growed confidence, trought foundation exercises, a little bit every lesson. We still have a lot to work on, it’s just the beggining, but it was so much fun!! We worked on dog walk and latter on aframe, foccus for the MM (oh God, we really worked on this one!), undertanding of the reward system, different entries and exits, handling moves, and now, we are going to focus on directionals. I really learned to celebrate every small success and to trust my work and my dog working ethics. Zsuzsa, I don’t know how many times I have already thanked you, but here I am again. Without your patience, answers and corrections, we couldn’t have done it. Thank you for all!”

Gabriela Almeida, Brasil

Another success story, even tested on trial!  

Putch and Riyu Takahashi from Japan


“Let me present with great gratitude to Zsuzsa Veres our Contact Class graduation video:
Thank you for sharing your logical and transparent system and all of your prompt and patient responses to my endless questions <3
It was a huge work, but we enjoyed every second of it, and certainly there is still a lot to train. But I can’t wish for a better partner than Rhea 


Nora Perge, Hungary

Yes, you can have both 2o2o and RC… and not only with BC! 🙂

Christelle Marchand, France

“Thank you Zsuzsa, you are a very good teacher. 😄you see video quickly and we are never alone!”

Martine, France

Again a non-BC training both stopped and running contacts! 🙂

Super Adela and Daniela, Chile

“You can‘t believe how happy we are!
We thank you much for your super great course, you are the best RC coach ever 🙂 We had a lot of frustrations before doing Running Contacts with other methods. We almost thought we would never reach this state. So please, grab a glass of wine, whiskey, or a piece of chocolate, or some other thing you like and enjoy your success”
Please watch this video with sound on! 🙂

Silke and Rala, Argentina