About Zsu

My name is Zsuzsa Veres and I happy to see you.

Zsuzsa Veres is a Hungarian vet, veterinary chiropractor and agility athlete since 1997 and also  a professional agility dog trainer since 2003. She developed her own methods to get a better relationship with your dogs, improving health and happiness by mixing some funny and challenging new exercises.



Her carrier started as a kid with a huge desire for getting a puppy. At the age of 10 finally she got Maci, the Puli puppy. It was not truly a fairy tale, Maci (because of lack of puppy classes and old school methods) turned out to be a stubborn fighting machine among dogs. After 1-2 years like this Zsu started to think on her own way an step by step Maci became a dog that was able to sit completely relaxed even in a crowded waiting room at the vet.

In 1996 Zsu has seen her first agility presentation in her life at a dogshow and got truly impressed by the dogs running free and happy through those obstacles. This wonderful dogsport became her passion and lifestyle. She started to train agility in 1997 with a rescued mixbreed called Bogar and over the years continued with different companions , whom hugely varied in their characters (German Pointer, PyrShep, Croatian Sheepdogs).

Together with her dogs she won the Hungarian Republic Cup (both team and individual), the Hungarian National Champion title (both team and individual), the International Junior Championships (both team and individual), Danish Jumping Champion title (just after a week long trial) and got `Master of Hungarian agility´ title with two different dogs.

They represented Hungary at many international agility events: the IMCA (International Mixbreed Championship), the European Open (from 2002 on) and the World Championships with three different dogs (in 2002 and 2014 in large, 2011 and 2012 in both medium and large category). Their biggest international results are 4th place in individual medium agility run and 7th place at the medium final EO 2007, 3rd place in individual large agility run at the EO 2011, 3rd place in medium team at the WC in 2012,  2nd place in the final at Gotor Cup 2013 and 2nd place in the final team at Almozara Festival 2015.

Zsu is also an FCI agility judge since 2012 and already judged in several countries all over the world.


She is a qualified veterinary surgeon (Budapest, 2010) and later on finished a course for veterinary chiropractic, currently she works only in dog rehabilitation and dog training.


All the experience with different breeds – from my fearful unmotivated Pyrshep to my often overexcited dominant Croatian male, holding seminars in different countries and teaching all kind of people taught me a lot over the years how to handle dogs and owners with different goals.

I believe that all dogs need a bit adapted training according to their character, their owner and the goals they have together.

Teaching good basics, nice foundations and nicely planned trainings will always reduce the number of repetitions you need and through that put less load on the body of our dogs. That is what I always try to do when I train my dogs or teaching others.

Seeing students improving and being satisfied with their dogs makes me really proud and happy! 


Unique Nuit de la Fontaine des Schlitteurs ‘Nuit‘ PyrShep female (born 27th September 2003)

Kaj Con Maige ‘Kaj‘ Croatian sheepdog male (born 15th April 2006)
Eta Zib ‘Eta‘ Croatian sheepdog female (born 4th February 2007)
Veresi-Akácos Galga ‘Zacc‘ Pumi female (born 1st August 2012)
Nedlo Ready for the Flow ‘Up‘  border collie male (born 5th February 2014)

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