InstructorZsuzsa Veres
TypeOnsite Course

Because you need FOCUS for everything!!! This course is focused on building strong basics for obstacle focus and commitment!

With nowdays course designs it is key to build good obstacle focus and commitment on the course. During the years of teaching RC I also realised how much troubles lack of focus can cause performing a perfect RC!

The classes take place at FACEBOOK, so PLEASE REGISTER BY E-MAIL: or by FB:

It is an easy step-by-step guide walking you through the basics and giving ideas how to improve your skills.

It is opened for all ages and all you need is a cone and/or a jump, and optionally a tunnel (but its not a necessity).

If Your dog has motivation problems I strongly recommend to take some private lessons first!


Cone/jump, (tunnel), toys and treats 😉

Your training videos are asked back as a non-listed video uploaded to YouTube or any other video sites. The videos should be cut into maximum of 5 minutes in length.


5 weeks (4 weekly lessons, plus and extra week of feedback) (starts on 1st of June 2020 – ends on 5th July 2020, PLUS availability of all the infos in the classroom (without feedback) till end of July.


  • step-by-step guide (text and video instructions)
  • new lessons every week
  • online classroom with the opportunity to share your videos and get feedback before your next session


For participants (with dog): 60 euros (you can post your videos and ask questions)

For silent auditors/second dog: 45 euros (you have access to all posts and materials, but cannot post your own videos, nor ask questions)