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Step by step training online guide

1. Create your account and choose a course

Create an account, choose the course that suits you the most and start training today!

The courses are organized by level of experience: starting with puppy training and foundations, continued by more advanced classes with all the support by the instructor.




Choose the class that fits you the most or take private lessons made specially for your wishes!


2. Exercises and video

Get your exercises, some basic equipments, start your training and record it!

You will get detailed and easy to follow step-by-step excercises. The list of necessary basic equipements (which are easy to get or make at home) you can find at the the description of each course.

You will need a camera or a phone to record your trainings, edit the video and post it in your classroom. Depending on the exercises in some cases slow motion movies will be asked for better analyzes.

3. Comments and review

Get fast feedback from the instructor before your next training!

The instructor will answer all your questions, analyze your video and give you feedback how to correct your movements and improve your training. The key of success always hides in small but important details, that is exactly in which you will get lot of support from the instructor to make your trainings a lot more simple and effective.

You will also have access to an open forum with questions and answers from all the other students of your class, so you can learn from each and share your doubts and questions related to your course.

4. Private Classroom

Work on any topic you wish for and get personalized training plan that fits you the most! T ake your time and train in your own rythm!

You will have access to your own reserved area, your private classroom where you can post your videos with the given exercises, ask questions and chat with the instructor.

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