14 Jan 2015

Update on Pumi Zacc

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I was thinking long to share it or not… but i often got questions about her so I decided to post an update on her.

Zacc has a yet undefined slight movement issue which mainly influences her right hind leg since she is a puppy. May be I would not even notice it if I would not be a vet and a chiropractor, but since I am I did notice it. After trying to consult with many people we got into the conclusion it should be something neurological.

I started to train her quite late (as with all my knowledge I dont think it is good to train puppies) and despite all the jumping foundation work I did she kept on avoiding jumps even on 30 cm and that time she was already almost 2 years old… I changed training a bit (thank you Martina :D) what helped, but i noticed that her movement is getting worse. So I stopped trainings, I started to do even more conditioning/physio exercises than before what I think helped her. She is fine in everyday life I am just not sure if I push her to jump 45 cm I am making any good to her… At least for sure not untill we find out what is wrong exactly. So most possibly she will be my cute pet only. But we went through so many things, I found training her really challenging (oh yes she has a terrier mind :D) and I spent lot of time trying to find out how to improve her movement… Sometimes we have fun with jumps (low height and short sessions) and I am really impressed with her, but mainly only walks and conditioning exercises and we are still happy with it.  She is my champion even if you won´t see her competing!
Love you Zacci! 🙂

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