16 Dec 2015

Online combined contact foundation class starts on 4th January

Registration is still opened for my:
Unique ONLINE combined CONTACTS CLASS (both 2on2off and running contact)

– Starts on 4th January 2016
– Duration 5 months (the class closes on 3rd June) to give you plenty of time to Practice
– Acces to 2on2off classroom PLUS one of the running contact classrooms (method of Your choice: with target or without)
– New lessons and training tips every 2nd week
– Personalized feedback to all your videos
– For any levels
– Price for participants 165 euros, for auditors (you can ask, but can’t post videos) 100 euros

Registration is opened untill the beginning of the class!

You can find some more info also in the menu at my courses
(about the methods and required equipment)!

Please, send your REGISTRATION TO!!! (I have some troubles getting mails through this site for the moment)

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