30 Mar 2015

Trial at Abrantes, Portugal

We had a Portuguese trial this weekend. I have to say this time it didn´t go so well.  I am still having troubles with adapting my warms up and cool downs to the number of dogs we have here… But we spent the weekend at an amazing venue and with nice company! 🙂
Kaj had some muscle stiffness issues with all the long trips we did, so we were out of training for long, working on muscles with lot of massage and stretching (thank you Tassy Petra!!!!), I even introduced some more things into our warming up procedure that looks to work fine, too. So now he looks to be back and I am really happy to see him moving nicely again, we just need a bit more training. 🙂
Etu was being Etu so got stucked at some points on some courses sometimes…  She had great speed though and won the last special solidarity jumping at the end of the competition organized for Almonzara with far best time from all sizes (unfortunately no video of that run)! 🙂

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