27 Jul 2015

EO 2015 Rieden, Germany

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This years EO is over, for me it was a very mixed one… Running only Eta was strange (I really hope Kaj will recover soon) and although she was just amazing we had some bad luck and sometimes I was just simply too slow on the sand for my super lady. 🙂 We did a clean team jumping run, and I really loved her individual agility run where she had really good time even so that I stopped her completely on the dogwalk in 2o2o, but unfortunately finished with three faults. Our next challenge will be the AWC in Bologna, so I will work more on my physical condition some more to be able to support my crazy lady perfectly! 🙂
I was very happy for some super runs from friends: congratulations Eszter Both, Julia Fuzi, Agnes Acs-Kovesi and of course special congrats goes to Martina Magnoli Klimesova for collecting eo winner title finally (after being 4th, 3rd and 2nd already during the previous years :))!
Huge congrats for the organizing team, they did amazing job again! 🙂

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