1 Jun 2016

First half of 2016 (judging, official debut of Up, Etu National Champion and qualified for AWC)

In the first half of the year we were quite busy and lot of things were happening around, but finally time to update! 🙂


In January it all started by judging in Hungary at TordasZoo, followed by judging at AgilityPark in Mending, Germany (at my friend Kriszta) and finally in Czech Republic close to Prague. All were very special in their own way and I got lot of positive feedback on my courses, which always feels super to hear! 🙂

To make this month even more special… I got invited to judge the Border Collie Classics 2017 in UK which I happily accepted! 🙂

Up´s debut

Up started his official carrier the beginning of the year, too. I am super happy with his performance, sometimes missing a bit of confidence, but great running contacts so far and we even made a clean run (not super fast, but after that trial he was diagnosed with tick spread disease which was happily cured later on).

Here you can see some of our runs at trials

Up and Eta

And some short ones from training (including RC of course :))


Eta became Portuguese National Champion and qualified for AWC 2016 in Zaragoza, Spain 🙂

Competing this year with Eta was the most challenging thing in my life since I am pregnant. We even missed out some weekends, so although not all weekends are counted we couldnt really allow to make many mistakes on the rest.

Our experience helped us out, Etu was just brilliant reading her slow and clumsy handler and I am super happy to announce that by becoming National Champions we are automatically qualified for the AWC this year both in team and individual!!!! 🙂 I just cant say enough thanks to my cutest doggie ever, love you Etu! 🙂 Of course it will be still challenging to run there with a small baby, but it is just like that, this year is full of new challenges… 🙂

I am also super happy for my student, Marta Brito and Maisyy, who became Portuguese National Champion in large and so also qualified for the AWC! :):):)

Here you can see some runs of our last two weekends and one more above at the videos of Up

Running at seventh month of my pregnancy… 🙂

Now we are on a bit of break from agility and preparing for baby time… 🙂 but soon I will be back with some infos about repeating my contact online class in August!

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