8 Jun 2016

Bragging with another graduation video from a student from my online class

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Life is spoiling me, another super student from my online contact class! Thank you Sergio Daniel Campillay! :):):)

“And it was a day, we decided to learn the Running Contacts, and it was a day that we signed up in your online course.
They were days, after days of practice, of disappointments, I go home sad because I did not do well, but got your corrections and began the days of joy.
I had other sad days, but came corrections and solutions again and so were progress, until one day, Tayler, my puppy, began to understand everything, to give me satisfaction, taking the Contact Running as a game, something he enjoys doing.
Zsuzsa Veres, thanks for your quick responses to each of my doubts, to make your students feel that you really have us in mind that you want us to we progress.
Thank you!”


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