10 Jan 2017

New online contact class starts on 23rd January 2017!

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As my second online contact class is getting to its end I am happy to announce the 3rd (and improved) version of it! 🙂 I am happy with my class (and it also looks to be pretty popular), but there is always place for improvement, better and easier understanding, so next class comes back stronger than ever! 🙂

Save your spot as participant:
Or auditor:

I am really proud and happy to all my students and huge thanks goes to those ones that even sent graduation videos! 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work and trust! 🙂

Some graduation videos from last class:

“Well, it’s finally here! Our graduation video! We started as a trouble team. I was frustated with my privious atempt to teach him RC and he was a young dog who lost his confidence and got confused in that process. 5 months later, we have bulit knowlegde and growed confidence, trought foundation exercises, a little bit every lesson. We still have a lot to work on, it’s just the beggining, but it was so much fun!! We worked on dog walk and latter on aframe, foccus for the MM (oh God, we really worked on this one!), undertanding of the reward system, different entries and exits, handling moves, and now, we are going to focus on directionals. I really learned to celebrate every small success and to trust my work and my dog working ethics. Zsuzsa, I don’t know how many times I have already thanked you, but here I am again. Without your patience, answers and corrections, we couldn’t have done it. Thank you for all!”

Gabriela Almeida, Brasil

Another success story, even tested on trial!  

Putch and Riyu Takahashi from Japan

Yes, you can have both 2o2o and RC… and not only with BC! 🙂

Christelle Marchand, France

“Thank you Zsuzsa, you are a very good teacher. 😄you see video quickly and we are never alone!”

Martine, France

Again a non-BC training both stopped and running contacts! 🙂

Super Adela and Daniela, Chile

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